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Good Food Advisors is a strategic advisory firm that helps clients across the food system leverage innovation to build a more prosperous and sustainable food future.

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Food and agriculture is one of the most important industries from an economic, social and environmental perspective. It contributes $10 trillion (USD), or 12%, to global GDP, is a primary determinant of human health, employs 40% of all workers and accounts for half of all land use and 70% of all water use.

However, the food system is broken with devastating consequences for human and planetary health. Nearly half of the global population struggles with diet-related health issues while one third of food is wasted. Food and agriculture is responsible for 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions and is a key contributor to water scarcity, soil degradation and biodiversity loss.

Good Food Advisors views these challenges as an extraordinary opportunity to create financial, social and environmental value through innovation. Our deep knowledge and network within the food system, combined with our strategic, action-oriented approach, helps clients, including food companies, tech startups and investors, identify and execute on specific opportunities for impact.

About Good Food Advisors

Shaping the future of food

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  • Insights on food systems trends and opportunities

  • Recommendations to create and capture value

  • Strategic planning to define business goals and plans

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  • Design for new programs and projects

  • Management to guide programs and projects to execution

  • Monitoring and evaluation to set metrics, gather data and analyze results

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Stakeholder Engagement

  • Mapping to identify and profile relevant stakeholders

  • Outreach to build relationships and influence

  • Communications to create alignment and action toward shared goals

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Serving corporate, startup and investment clients
working to drive food system transformation


Food companies
  • Grocery retailers

  • Food producers and manufacturers

  • Emerging food brands

  • Venture capital and private equity firms

  • Family offices

Tech startups
  • Food-tech startups

  • Ag-tech startups

What Clients Say

Meet Chris Cochran


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Meet Chris Cochran

Chris Cochran is a food innovation and sustainability leader and the Founder and Principal of Good Food Advisors. He brings more than a decade of food systems experience that includes launching new ventures, leading in-house corporate innovation and sustainability initiatives, and advising clients on creating the future of food. Prior to founding Good Food Advisors, Chris served as the inaugural Executive Director of ReFED, a think tank focused on reducing food waste across the United States. Before that, Chris was the Senior Manager of Sustainability at Walmart where he led sustainability for Walmart's global produce business. Chris began his career by working with smallholder farmers in Central America and still owns a cocoa farm with local partners in Honduras.


Chris has spoken at leading conferences and events such as The Wall Street Journal Global Food Forum, GreenBiz, Verge, Circularity, SOCAP and Future Food-Tech and has been interviewed by major news outlets including The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, The Washington Post, Bloomberg, PBS and NPR. Chris has received the VERGE Vanguard award for his leadership in sustainability.


Chris holds a master's degree in international economics and development from The Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) and a bachelor's degree in finance and accounting from Harding University.

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